Color is moving me this summer.  I am currently into orange, specifically brazilliant from Essie.  It is a gorgeous shade that screams summertime.  I must be subconsciously in love with orange, because I now have nail polish, pants, yoga pants, and lingerie all in exactly the same color.

I have the same feeling about all color at one time or another.  It’s another way to be creative, to live your life in full bloom.  Notice how you look differently in the various colors.  Colors can also make you feel, you may have a certain glow about you.  Experiment with color, even in small doses.  You can work your way up to the orange dress!  Let me know how it goes…
More evidence of great color!!!  from Italian Vogue!
I went to the beach today and look what I found in the sand right next to my blanket?  This beautiful little bracelet with all the colors of the rainbow…just confirmation from the universe that life is better lived in color…;)