Today I’m talking about clothing sizes! (I’ll leave that other conversation for another time)

After working in the fashion industry for over 25 years and being many different weights during those years, I would like you to know something very important…drum roll please,  SIZE DOESN’T MATTER!   

Here is why…

Fabrics are all so very different.  Some are extremely stretchy, while others are like cardboard.

Sewing of the garments is not an exact science, two pairs of the same pants might fit differently because they were sewn in two different places.

Designers all use different models for developing their clothing and they change frequently.  You might fit in these clothes one day and the next day not, because the model has changed.

The difference between 2 sizes is 1-2 inches.  Get a tape measure and take a look at 1″, I mean really, that is nothing…you could eat a slice of pizza and be a different size…

You see my point, right?  I mean to base your entire day or month or life on this number that can be so subjective seems a little silly right?  Because SIZE DOESN’T MATTER.

Try an experiment, cut the size tag out of some of your clothing.  Do you feel differently not knowing what size you are?  Do the same thing when you shop.  Take three sizes into the fitting room each time you try something on.  Which one feels the best?  Ignore the size tag!