The other day I found myself in an unusual situation.  I was in contact with a young woman who had exceptional SELF ESTEEM.  This is so rare for women of any age.  I was really taken aback by her regard for herself.  It almost pissed me off!  I mean, “who does she think she is”, to be so forceful about herself and her convictions?

This is such a woman thing, isn’t it?  I mean we can’t be too strong, OR CAN WE?

I’ve had so little regard for myself in my life that I can’t even relate to how this young woman can feel so good.  I want to learn from her.  I want to hold myself in that same HIGH ESTEEM, without feeling like a prima donna.  There is a line between the two.  As great women, we can learn to be our own best advocates, while not losing sight of the others around us.

How is your self-esteem?  How do you regard yourself?  What happens when you encounter others with more or less SELF ESTEEM than you?