My friend Trevor said to me the other day, “don’t complain about your tools”.  What did he say?  Oh, yeah, I get it, your TOOLS.  The tools you have been given in life.

We all have a different set of tools.  The physical tools come to mind first, height, weight, legs, arms, hair, face, etc.  We also have a set of intellectual and spiritual tools.  Examples of these could be clever, intuitive, kind, fun loving, or adventurous.  What is great about tools is that in combination, they are so powerful.  It’s not usually enough to be just intuitive or clever, but in combination with a great smile and strong legs, etc, you might just be able to conquer the world!

Tools can also be sharpened or enhanced.  I think of this most when it comes to body parts.  We all know that one feature that is our favorite.  We dress to accentuate this feature.  What about the rest of the tools, your mind or your compassionate nature?   Maybe you have some tools that are under utilized.  How can you enhance them?  What combination of tools makes you feel most powerful?

Do you even know what your tools are?