I’m sure you’ve all heard the notion,“don’t make waves”.  You know, things are going along, okay, not great, but you are surviving.  You think, if I make this change or that change, what will happen?  Fear steps in, the unknown takes over and paralyzes you from making a diversion from the same old thing.  This idea ,”don’t make waves”, applies to all areas of your life.  It could be in your personal relationship with your partner or child, your work relationships, or your relationship with yourself.  You know which scenario best applies to  your situation.

Ladies,  sometimes, we have to make waves.  This is what moves us forward in life.  We can only begin to be our best selves through evolution, that requires change.  It is SCARY!  You will be full of fear when making a wave.  Fear is paralyzing.  Facing a fear and moving through it with courage is truly transformational.  The outcome is secondary.  The lesson you learn about yourself is primary.  You are a strong, courageous woman, who faces challenges head on without fear.  It might be painful and there will be setbacks, but the impact that it has on your spirit is profound.

Today is a day to make waves…