A large part of my day as a fit model is spent walking the streets of NYC to meet with clients.  Especially on 7th Avenue, I see every imaginable kind of style and body type.  All that variety, all those combinations of humanity and fashion are sometimes dizzying.  I know that we all want to look our best each day as we leave the house.  I find that women with great style know just what to wear and what to leave at home.  Someone once told me that before you leave in the morning, take one thing off, because Less is More.

I am completely guilty of the More mentality.  I am in constant search for the next great accessory or item of clothing that is going to make me fabulous.  My closets are full of great bags, shoes, dresses, jewelry, and earrings all to meet some standard of more.  Practicing less is new for me.  Being beautiful in your body and your life doesn’t require more, it requires less!  You are enough to make anything look fabulous.  Imagine all the money I could have saved if I had figured this out earlier. ♥

Tomorrow morning when you get dressed, experiment with less.  Let me know how it goes!