I ran into an old friend today.  It was the nicest surprise.  It came at the end of a long day, when I was feeling tired, hungry, a little sad.  I had not seen him for over 15 years!  Whoa, 15 years, really… yes really.  We went through the usual.  How have you been? How is your family?  Are you still living in the same place?  After that initial rundown, it suddenly became as if we had just picked up where we left off.  You know that comfortable feeling you get when you have a history with someone.  It was a great feeling and it reminded me of all the happy memories from that period of time in my life.  I could not stop smiling and I remembered with such gratitude what a wonderful life I’ve had.

Clothing can be old friends as well.  Its like the cashmere sweater I had for years.  It was passed down to me from someone else.  I wore that thing everywhere!  I even slept in it on occasion.   Finally, after one too many washings, I realized it was a little small for me, so I passed it on to another friend.  Now its providing her with the comfort that it gave me.  I like knowing that it’s still giving.

There’s always at least one item in your closet that carries with it happy memories and feelings of comfort.  What is yours?  You probably have many examples.  These clothes are the quiet friends that give comfort and support without reservation.  They allow us to be ourselves, both at our best and our worst…just like old friends.

Today, I’m giving a salute to Old Friends, in all forms!