I love inspiring quotes!  I may even be a little compulsive about reading them.  I have an iphone app that gives me inspiring quotes each day.  I often page ahead to see the upcoming quotes…today’s quote is when I let go of what I am, I become what I might be” Lao Tzu.

This quote is really so powerful.  I am thinking of the broad intention of what you can become in life when you are willing to let go of old perceptions and behaviors. When it comes to fashion, we are especially critical and limiting with our perception of “who I am” .

I am guilty of this behavior also.  For example, I decided at some point that my legs are not good, so I don’t wear shorts, not even at home. Even as I write this, I’m cringing.  Who decided my legs aren’t good?  Did I decide, or was I told by someone, or more likely, I compared myself to the thousands of images of supermodels in magazines.  Clearly, I don’t stack up in comparison.

Well ladies, today I am going to wear shorts.  (yes, I have ONE pair, that was given to me by a client!)  Today, I am going to throw that notion that my legs aren’t good out the window and I am going to wear shorts, as if I was a supermodel!  I will report later how my day went.

What beliefs do you have about yourself. fashion or otherwise?  How can you make a choice to stop limiting yourself? How can you let go of critical thinking about your body?  Perform a fashion experiment with a part of yourself that is low on the self love list.

Happy “Letting Go”!


I’m happy to report that the world did not stop because I was wearing shorts!  It was a beautiful, sunny day and what I liked the most was the feeling of the air and sun on my legs.  Honestly, it felt like freedom.  I am going to get another pair of shorts, this time a little shorter to see if the feeling is the same.  How was your experiment?