I wrote in an earlier post about Abundance…

This morning I’d like to pursue that concept a bit further.  I listen to gospel music in the mornings, as it helps me set the tone for the day.  I feel lighter and lifted as I begin the day.  There is a song by Brian Courtney Wilson that speaks to the idea that we can Exceed Abundantly…

When I first heard those words, it stopped me in my tracks.  I love words and the power they have to raise or lower your vibration.   So, on the morning I heard those two words, I stopped and wrote them down…  Then, because I always do everything in a BIG way, I wrote those words on post it notes and literally put them all over my house, in my bag, in my car and every other place I would see them on a regular basis.

You see what got my attention is that we are meant to Exceed Abundantly.  Everyday, in every part of our lives.  Life is meant to be beautiful and filled with joy and love.  It’s not just for “certain” people either, it’s for everyone.  I think we are sometimes bogged down in life, in things that are depleting and that don’t matter.  When we have a regular diet of these thoughts, exceeding abundantly seems pretty far off.

What if you started imagining your life Exceeding Abundantly?  What kinds of thoughts would be with you on a daily basis?  How would you see them manifest in your life? Give it a try… write down words that inspire you.  Place them around your space.  See what transpires…


I’ve been thinking a lot lately about abundance.  Being an entrepreneur you spend so much time alone.  I witness a lot of people, places, and things.  It’s an interesting way to view the world, you see things differently, because you are observing.  I actually like being the witness.

Witnessing abundance in the  world is a choice.  This is a powerful statement, as it’s taken me a long time to realize this.  There is always more in life.  I’m reminded of this when someone close to me loses a job.  Again, being “invested” in something, we often forget there is MORE… Let that sink in for a minute, there is M O R E!   I’m telling you every time I see someone regroup after a job loss, I am astonished by how life puts them back on the path.  It’s not always in the same way or with the same focus, but the turn of events is fantastic to witness.

Just to be clear, the MORE I’m describing is ENERGY, not things.  Think about the word abundance… how do you feel when you are seeing it in your mind?  What does it feel like to speak it aloud?  Now apply that word to a person, feeling, or situation… It’s a wonderful exercise.  I feel relaxed when I think of abundance.  I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.  That giant worry line I have on my forehead is softened a bit.  It seems obvious, that with abundance, we can relax, because there is MORE in store for us.  What if we invested time in witnessing abundance?  What if we chose abundance in our own lives?  How would it feel to always know there is MORE?  Add abundance to your daily meditation.  Let me know how it goes.  I see MORE for us both!

Here it is, a big milestone birthday for me this year..  I’m turning 50!  

It has me thinking about what it means to usher in another decade.  Milestones to me are like intersections on the highway of life.  I’m thinking of a very big intersection… You know the kind that has a special lane and signal for left turns!

Well, I’m trying to point out that we stop and take a significant pause on milestone birthdays.  We review and evaluate the journey we’ve been on to this point.   How has it been?   Where did it go smoothly, where were the bumps, potholes?   I like to think of the times when there was palpable joy.  I write them down.  Often times the most fulfilling and joyous moments are so small… Not usually during the big vacation or pay raise…  They are little everyday moments.

When I identify and review those moments of joy, I’m able to see my next road more clearly.  how can I keep moving forward and celebrating life in small ways each day.  I actually plan it.  It’s on the calendar…

Have you ever been in a situation that wasn’t quite right for you, but you can’t seem to let go? Instead, you spend time on it, you actually invest in it…

You try different approaches… I mean, we are all problem solvers, right? Who doesn’t want the challenge of solving a problem, especially for yourself. This is an investment of logic and time.

You make deals with it… I am the master at making deals with myself. Internal negotiation of the situation keeps it at bay. You can still remain comfortable and safe in your current environment. There is no risk involved. You are again, investing precious time.

You pretend about it… This is another favorite of mine. You make up a story about what is happening. You put a “spin” on it that is favorable. You may even share this story with others, to keep away their honest remarks about the truth. Again, you invest time and creativity to keep this story running.

Finally, you just plain ignore it… I’ve spoken about this before. It’s actually the most destructive way to handle the situation. Ignoring a personal truth or situation is a sure path to heartache. Life will send you signs that you are off course. Each time you ignore it, you get further from your path. It’s tiring to continue to ignore a situation. It requires an energy investment, it’s like running multiple electronic devices off of one outlet… Eventually you blow the fuse.

Do you notice a common theme in the above? They are all depleting activities. They deplete your time, your energy, your resources, etc. The longer it goes on, the more you feel exhausted. Eventually, you will be so tired, you will see the only option is to move on.

When you move on in life and invest in a new direction, that supports your highest self, you are energized, rather than depleted. Let go of the old and create the new, see what happens. You might be surprised…

Lately, I’ve been dropped into the world of architecture. Architects design the plans that are the blueprint for homes and buildings. They assemble all the elements… your chosen location, your local laws regarding construction, and your needs and dreams for the plan of your home.

There is something interesting about this process… Every project has multiple solutions for creating the desired outcome. Architects are experts at surveying the big picture, visualizing solutions and identifying the one that BEST suits the situation. Architects are not only creative, but practical… they have to produce results. Choosing the best solution is what makes them effective.

I was wondering the other day if we could apply the same logic to designing our lives. We have all been in a place where we need to create change, but are unable to start. It seems daunting…

Lets apply their process to our own journey… Starting with your dreams and desires, work backwards and identify behaviors and activities that could help move you toward your goal. Get into the details of it… What are the long-term and short-term activities that will lead you in the right direction? Write them down, even better make a technical diagram of what they look like physically. Add pictures and drawings to illustrate your path. What comes 1st, 2nd, etc. See them on paper in a format like a blueprint or flow chart, use big arrows and be specific. Look for multiple solutions on your chart. Meditate on the possibilities. You will eventually see the best choice. It will be clear on paper and in your mind. Choosing this solution will EMPOWER your journey, and it will feel PEACEFUL.

Becoming an architect in life is brilliant! It’s like your blueprint for navigating change. You know where you are going and how to get there.

What are you waiting for? Your new life is waiting…👣

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As a part of my work in the fashion industry, I regularly work with groups of people to develop a product. I am the outsider in the process, I visit them once or twice a week to evaluate and perfect the projects they are working on. These groups are made of people of varying levels and backgrounds within the organization. Some of the groups are small, under 5 people, others are as big as 20 people. You see what I’m getting at here, the groups are diverse.

I’ve made an interesting observation over the years of working with these different groups. Each group carries underneath the surface a collective energy. This energy directly affects the outcome of the product being developed. I’ve seen great ideas become nightmares because the collective energy of the group was so awful. I’ve also seen some pretty sketchy ideas grow into the most beautiful products, for the opposite reason.

Collective energy is just that powerful. Setting an intention for good among your peers and colleagues, as well as, your fellow-man is a worthwhile endeavor. The seeds you grow may help change the world. The next time you are involved in working with a group of people, see what you can do to facilitate the energy. Expect something magical! ⚡️

Soooooo… today, I’m laying face down on a massage table, in the middle of what was a very unremarkable massage, when I heard the following two words in my mind, “limiting beliefs”. I had the most powerful urge to ask the therapist to write the words down. I quickly realized she would not have a pen, so, I lay there repeating them over in my mind, as not to forget.

Beliefs are very powerful tools of the mind. Beliefs about ourselves, our society, our planet, all play a huge role in how we live our daily lives. Our reality is shaped by these beliefs. One of my personal favorite beliefs is that hard work is rewarded with results, in any situation. I believe that if I work very hard and apply myself to a situation, the results will be positive. This is a belief that I was taught by my parents. It’s been so useful in my life and I pass it on to others with enthusiasm.

But what about beliefs that are limiting? First of all, just saying those words feels like letting the air out of a birthday balloon, it just deflates your spirit! There are so many of us walking through life carrying mental lists of limiting beliefs. We may be conscious of them or not, but they sabotage our efforts to live full happy lives. Notice how your body feels when you recognize a limiting belief. For me it feels like complete exhaustion and bewilderment. Not one part of that limiting belief feels peaceful or empowering.

Being able to recognize a belief that limits you is the first step towards releasing it. Awareness creates an environment that encourages us to challenge and change these beliefs. Spend some time writing down your own limiting beliefs. Or, work backwards, what in your life is causing you pain and disappointment? Look around the situation, do you see a limiting belief that is the culprit?

Limitlessly believing in ourselves is the only way to go in this life!  Try it for yourself… ♥

Today I saw a white feather floating down over my head in Times Square.   Anyone who has visited New York, knows that this area is full of people and usually very loud, crazy and more than a little dirty! (…especially in the summertime)   It was such a magical moment and I took a mini-break from my busy day to observe its presence.

When I see a feather, it makes me think that someone above is watching over me and always brings a smile to my face knowing that I’m not alone in any given moment.  It’s easy to become so absorbed in our days and lives, that we never look up to see the beauty and magic in the world.  Nature is always communicating with us, reminding us that we are connected to each other, as well as, a higher source of guidance.  Feathers can remind to you be “light” in your heart and to see the “light” in your everyday surroundings.

Practice the art of being “light as a feather” in your day, see what happens to your own heart. ♥  

How many times in life do you find yourself praying and hoping for a dream to be fulfilled?  You find yourself lost in the thought of how you are going to achieve this dream.  You know, the strategy… you try to work it!

“If I did this or I acted this way, if I was available or not available, if I followed up or didn’t follow up…”  the list goes on and on depending on the outcome your are trying to achieve. What I notice about all this strategy is an element of control.  We try to control the situation and affect it to achieve the outcome that is the most desirable for us.  There it is, the problem… control.

Notice how you feel in your body when you are trying to control a situation.  For me, my neck and jaw are the truth.  If my neck is killing me and my jaw hurts, you better believe that I’m trying to control a situation.  I’m laughing just thinking about this!  It’s so obvious…

Believing in a power greater than yourself requires a willingness to release control and have faith that the events in your life are unfolding for your greater good…

Practice adding those three words to your daily meditations.  Notice how you feel when you hope for something that is for your greater good.  For me, it’s  a well of peace.  Experience it for yourself. ♥

I’m not sure why, I never am about these postings, but today I woke up thinking about yokes!  I’m laughing as I write these words, my mind is always a mystery.  I know the word yoke has many meanings.  The one I’m most familiar with is the one that relates to clothing, it’s a piece the garment that “joins” or “bridges” with another to improve fit.

Yokes can also be symbolic.  Today I am thinking about the yoke of the mind.  The mental burdens that we all carry that become yokes…  we join in them and pull them along in life.  They are heavy, they can be controlling, and limit our ability to experience life in a joyful way.  They enslave us…  Some of us travel with yokes for a lifetime.  Even writing these words I am overwhelmed by this thought.  Imagine all the lifetime experiences you have faced and will face, then include these hidden, mental burdens that are always running in the background.  No wonder we get weary.

Inside every one of us is a well of peace.  It’s unlimited… It’s always available and it releases the burden of the mental yokes we carry inside.  When you trust this inner wisdom and surrender the burden of the yoke, the well of peace is opened, and flows through you.  You are free to live the life in front of you with joy.

Experience the peace for yourself…  surrender your own mental yokes.  What are you waiting for…♥

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